Bathtub Seduction

Added December 16, 2008

Sensual brunette Cameron is running water in the bathtub, while innocent blonde Jo is sitting. Cameron caresses Jo's face and downy skin, and starts to help her off with her shirt, but Jo is overcome with shyness and protests. Cameron calms her down, then strips her completely and lightly kisses her face, small breasts and shaved pussy. Jo gets into the warm water and relaxes, Cameron sucks her cute toes, then starts to caress her tits and pussy under the water. Jo moans pleasurably as Cameron strokes her, then gets out of the tub. Cameron dries her off, then asks her if she has ever been with someone and Jo confesses that she is a virgin and they embrace passionately. Note: this video is a lead-in for a much more sexually intense encounter between Cameron and Jo. That video will be here next week.

Featured model(s):

Cameron C, Jo

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I love all Jo's videos, she is so beautiful.